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dangerous this morning. more from chp on that and also drinking and driving during the holidays. >> from two . >> good morning it is monday, december 2 i am pam cook. >> good morning i am dave clark, rain, rain, rain. steve paulson knows all about it.>> we needed it and maybe too many people wished for it. >> be careful what you wish for, and the cruise mountains and points south it has been i set up for them to get the most at san jose the classic rain shadow where they do not get much and you see that circulation off the low and that is dropping south, as it does the rain will slowly work its way south and that will be the problem. could we go to two quickly guys
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? there it is. some of the rain continues to move on short and again it is not widespread for everybody but there's enough there that we keep rain in the forecast through most of the day. now here is my good friend sal. >> all right some computer stuff here steve and i am sure you do not have computer problems ever. traffic moving well from tracy california into livermore. you can see there is a little bit of slow traffic onto 05 jogging into the area, no major issues as you drive out to the east bay, will talk more about this in the rainy weather we come back but let's get back to the desk. >> stormy weather around the country, located the plans for lot for getting back home after the long thanks giving holiday with rain and strong wind making it hard to drive around the bay area and for the chp they said the most part drivers took it easy. for many headed to auto parts stores they realize the bay area rainy season is officially
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here. >> people are coming in buying a lot of wiper blades, headlights, we had rain acts rain repellent that you spray on windows and it makes the rain others looked ahead, used brakes and stormy weather to go shopping for christmas trees and in dublin one christmas tree armer said he was surprised by the number of people who bought their christmas trees friday because they want to get their trees before the big storm hit and decorate it during the worst of the weekend weather up around lake tahoe this there had a long drive coming home doing with snow, sleet and rain most of the day yesterday and snowplows got major highways open but it still took more than three hours last night to go from truckee california back to the bay area and those who waited till this morning still have to deal with snow. chains still required on
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interstate 80 as well as highways 50, 88, 89 and number four in the sierra and sierra foothills.>> air travelers this morning still feeling the effects, san francisco had 514 delays yesterday which is the highest number at any us airport. some of that was caused by high wind including gusts of up to 45 mph but the rest was because fleiss scheduled to land at sfo could not start the trip sometime we talked with several travelers who said it took them a long time to get to where they wanted to go. >> we were supposed to be delayed for 18 hours and we were in phoenix seven hours yesterday and then they rerouted us to today.>> sfo officials they were still feeling the impact of yesterday's delays this morning with one hour delays for some departing flights so i've for the latest ead with your information san jose and
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oakland had a few delays and cancellations yesterday but so far everything at those airports are expected to be on time this morning. a reminder you can download our ktvu weather app where you can find the latest on the forecast for your area, submit your own weather photos and see others photos and it is a free download that you can find in your app store.>> the weather and the speed and alcohol blame for deadly crash in san jose where two people were killed and five others hurt. this was early yesterday morning on highway 101 n. connector ramp to interstate 280 680. this was early yesterday morning on highway 101 n. connector ramp to interstate 2 806-8021-year-old esther gone mns was arrested accused of drinking and driving, he was driving a dodge charger northbound on highway 101 in san jose before he hit a nissan rogue which then hit a guardrail and rolled over.>> they saw the dodge charger traveling northbound at
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estimated speeds, the witness estimation at speeds close to 100, it was a significant impact to the rear of the nissan rogue. >> two people in the nissan rogue were killed and out of the seven involved in the crash, chp in san jose said at least 19 were arrested in the area over the thanksgiving holiday but the arrest in this crash is the only one that involved fatality. and another deadly crash this weekend killed a man from redwood city and this happen sunday morning in san francisco at the 25th at the 25th st. offramp of southbound interstate 280 and chp said the victim was ejected through the driver side window of an lexus suv and investigators say he was not wearing a seatbelt. so far no word on what caused the crash storm today people who were arrested in front of oakland city hall during a protest over the city's handling of the homeless crisis
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are handling and his covers and the 22 protesters arrested in the early morning hours of november 25 want to continue to speak out against the city's treatment of homeless people in oakland. the news conference scheduled for 9 am this morning at 14th and broadway. storm happening today in san francisco and is conference by people who want the san francisco board of supervisors to pass legislation protecting more renters in san francisco against being evicted. they are due to vote today on legislation to expand just cause eviction protection to apartment buildings in san francisco built after 1979. right now only apartments built before 1979 are subject to the just cause eviction protection and the news conference is set for 9:15 am on the steps of city hall. storm web new video of a fire to the entrance of san francisco's baker beach over the weekend we started
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8:20 am saturday morning off el camino delmar the firefighters had a control about 20 minutes later and you see a lot of smoke near the houses but no buildings were burned and no reports of injuries. the cause of the fire still under investigation. it is rainy and dangerous driving and sal is in his office, welcome back by the way.>> thank you dave and pam and i came back and right into the thick of it as dave mentioned, it will be a tough drive. so we have some slowing already at 205 and 580 although i suspect it is not going to be this light even with slowing, it will probably get slower, as you drive to the dublin interchange looks all right. no problems in contra costa county yet or interstate 880 but definitely raining now. you can see at the bay bridge toll plaza a little bit of a backup but it is going to be one of those days to allow extra time take it easy.
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i know there will be more crashes related to this weather to try to make sure you are not one of them by slowing down. now let's bring steve back.>> a little eagles reference. take it easy. how was your time off my friend?>> wonderful i feel refreshed. spent great. so the system is setting up with a low, he wants to park over santa cruz mountains and around monterey but you see the spin, the lowest dropping south and as it does eventually a lot of this moisture will move south but not yet. the line has really been about san francisco, oakland and concord south and it doesn't mean it hasn't been heavier north that looks to be the focus and some of that has really ramped up, some 2 inch amounts coming in and around 4 to 8 inches, santa cruz mountains down towards monterey and the big sur. this year has some level that is gone up, up, even though the
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snow has gone up it is producing wet snow. 50s on most of the temps in a few 40s and the attempts will go up as we get more of a mild hermas and as the load drops south it will take this moisture is and more to the south so decreasing rain after today. often on rain, upper 50s to near 60, look for the next big system at the end of the week around friday. hundreds gathered to mark world aids day in san francisco and up next the event happening later today, we are also going to hear the story of warriors pres. lost his partner to aids. >> also the recent storms are bringing a lot of snow to the slopes.
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they stay up to 3 times drier, so babies can sleep soundly...all night. pampers. will come back, democratic presidential candidate steve bullock is ending his presidential campaign. the montana governor made the announcement with a statement saying it has become clear he will not break into a top tier of april crowded primary and he got a late start announcing his candidacy in may and then struggled to raise money and rise in the polls to qualify for the democratic abate. today the spar center in
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the north bay is celebrating world aids day, and that center is devoted to supporting and empowering the lgbtq community. there will be hosting a celebration tonight in corte madera beginning at 5:30 pm. however since world aids day was yesterday many gathered at the san francisco golden gate park to mark the day. pails from the aids memorial quilt covered the walls, it was kept in atlanta for many years but will finally come home to san francisco next year, that quote is made up of 50,000 panels and each holds personal memories like pieces of clothing, photos and personal mementos. one panel is for arnie chen, the late partner of warriors pres. rick welts>> it came at a
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difficult time for me because i was still in the closet as an executive at the nba. i had to go through the loss of a partner and nobody in my work environment knew that i was or that i was having a partner for 17 years.>> people stood in silence, they read the names engraved on the circle of friends and some even left flowers are dropped petals on the path as you see here through the living tribute. the san jose sharks foundation along with tech company diversify will give back to the community, the groups will help nonprofit loaves and fishes family kitchen serve holiday themed meals to 100 homeless and though income people in east san jose but that event get starts at three. it is 4:30 pm this afternoon at the e. side never ctr. on allen rock avenue in san jose. and in san francisco does the 40th annual tree lighting ceremony at hill . the mayor
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and other city officials will be the countdown to light up the trees, and the hill association is hosting the event at huntington park, it begins at 5:30 pm tonight, live music and then tree lighting at six, the association is asking those who attend to bring a toy to help the fire departments toy drive today is the final day to go to the bay area biggest harsher at san francisco's muskogee center, this international auto show opened thanksgiving morning and showcases many of the new 20/20 model cars, trucks and suvs and the head of the car show says it is the perfect place if you're looking for a new car for the new year and the san francisco auto show continues until 8 pm tonight. caltrans has shut two gets on highway one along the big sur coast around monterey county and those are the areas prone to mudslides and bad
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area. it is possible to get to businesses and homes on the highway by using highways 101, 68 and 46. brokers have to inspect the area before the gates can be reopened. what a lot of people saw as bad weather was great news for the resorts at lake tahoe. this is what it looked like an squaw valley after the big storm dumped several feet of snow which was just in time for the thanksgiving holiday weekend with lots of snowboarders and skiers anxious to hit the fresh snow. the store made it possible for several the most popular ski resorts to open for snowboarders and skiers along with squaw valley, alpine meadows, sugar bowl and north star which are now open, kirkwood and amador county have lifts running, sierra, tahoe and el dorado county is operating and mount rose nevada started its season as well but none of them have all trails open yet. of course the next storm is
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likely to increase the number of lifts operating. >> i'm trying to plan my trip up there but waiting for when it is not a nightmare getting to the mountains and back down because the roads can be pretty horrendous.>> for example right now would not be a good time.>> no.>> and we also need someone to read the news good morning everyone, let's talk about the rainy weather we are having, it will be one of those commutes on this monday. a lot will be back but it will be kind of tough, gilroy to san jose this looks okay, 25, 152 156, all looks pretty good driving into the area with no major issues. we continue to see traffic moving well around the east bay with not a lot of on any of the maps we see. richmond bridge traffic looks good but you can tell it is wet
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out and at the bay bridge it continues to be wet and the wind is gusty a little bit flags moving a little bit. it is a good opportunity now to go to steve.>> usually very sharp and you know what direction they are coming from. >> northerly?>> southerly. spent that's right i get it mixed up, southerly is coming from the south.>> that is correct. thank you sir. so the system is dropping in and as it does it takes a lot of the rain southward, it has been parked over the next few days and again the heaviest amounts around marin county, and also around monterey bay. some drizzle but other times it comes out pretty good. santa cruz mountains and southward to monterey, if you're around 152 and hollister advisories in the mountains is snow level has gone up, warmer
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air mass but still wet snow. oakland airport sitting at 56 and we cannot get the 56 baha'is last friday but hermas has been modified a little. 50s for most and 40 50s for most and 44 a few. those marches south and it rotates moisture back, system will start to drop southward, there doesn't mean it will not be athletic activity on tuesday and wednesday but generally decreased north to south and then a break thursday and another system will roll in friday into saturday. more violence over the weekend, this was near the us and mexico border. up next we will show you new video of a shootout will tell you mexican authorities believe drug cartels are responsible. a lasting tribute to civil rights leader rosa parks in alabama. abam
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welcome back, police killed a six-year-old man accused of h on on iss drive west of oak grove rd. about noon yesterday morning and police say the man's parents called 911 saying their son had a knife, a plastic gun and was acting erratically. possibly because of drugs or
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alcohol. police tried talking to the man but he went back inside the home. police then saw the father walkout with serious injuries and at that point the police went inside that home.>> officers went inside the house and they saw the sun straddling his mother while holding a knife . two of the officers use their service weapons. >> the man was announced dead on the scene and his nine-year- old father and 85-year-old mother were rushed to the hospital. concord police they both have serious injuries. thissound of video capturing a gunfight that went or killed 20 people one hour
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southwest of eagle pass taxes and there was a shootout between security forces and a criminal group after cartel members stormed that town and its local government. authorities say mexican security forces killed at least five suspected cartel gunmen. in london after the latest terror attack the prime minister boris johnson is calling for an end to early releases from jail. two of the victims were killed and three others were injured in a stabbing spring on friday. the suspect was released from prison just last year, he had served six years for terrorism related charges. he was released from prison without an assessment from the parole board.>> it is important when people are convicted of a very serious and violent crimes that they receive the custodial
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sentences spent the past two years eight terrorist attacks have occurred in the kind of kingdom and the uk minister of justice plans to investigate more than 70 convicted terrorist to have been released early from prison. new orleans police are searching for motive in a shooting that sent 10 people to the hospital with critical injuries and one person has been detained but not arrested for this shooting which happened just after 3 am sunday morning on canal street where large group of people were partying after the annual bayou classic football game and officers were already in the area he began ion the crowd.>> we had officers right on that very block that thought they were being fired upon. they took a position to respond. >> this isn't the first time people had been shot just hours after the annual bayou classic. in 2016 a shooting after the game killed one person and injured nine others.
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years after her daring protest the city of montgomery alabama is honoring rosa parks. mike piazza shows us how the city where the civil rights movement began is honoring her.>>reporter: no person ever stood so tall as did rosa parks when she start down. spent exactly 6 years after rosa parks refused to go for seat on an alabama bus lawmakers unveiled a life-sized bronze statue of her and my, and around 400 spectators along with macomber's first black mayor read and other key figures were on hand as rosa parks was memorialized and on december 1, 1955 she made history when she was arrested for refusing to surrender her seat a white person refusal sparking the 13 month montgomery bus boycott.>> it is only fitting we should establish a monument to her, at at the statue in the court case
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which led to the city of montgomery desegregating its buses come only after the supreme court declared bus segregation unconstitutional. rosa parks died of natural causes in 2005 at 92. 4:27 am. the perfect christmas tree may be tougher to find this year. still ahead the reason you may have to pay more for your tree this season. a new home for a bay area nonprofit group and how a church is stepping in to help a shelter from homeless teenagers just in the nick of time.>> download the new fox 2 weather app , the power to prepare.
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thousands of delayed and canceled flights affecting people trying to get back home after the thanksgiving holiday the
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not participate in hearings scheduled this week and will look at what this means for the impeachment inquiry is moving forward.>> from ktvu fox 2 news this is mornings on 2 suck. spent walking back on this morning december 2.>> i am pam cook and back to work for a lot of us, while commute with a lot of water. >> correct. i did not see much standing water.>> i did. it was quite a lot. >> you know the moat at my place is coming up. you know marin county and the santa cruz mountains look like they are the leaders


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